New Packages for 2013!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you in on some new offerings going on at Mike Picard Motion Pictures, such as our new packaging, same day edits, love story documentaries, flash drive availability, and our recap thank you’s for your guests! Lets start with the packages…

The Doc
This package includes our full length (1 ½ to 2 hour) chronological documentary style edit for your wedding day with music! You will have two videographers, two cameras, and your finished product in Bluray!

The Recap
This package includes “The Doc” as well as a one song long music style video to recap your entire day that is uploaded to the web for your family and friends to see! Additionally this package includes two videographers, two cameras, and your finished product in Bluray!

The Mini Movie
This package includes “The Doc” along with our most advanced 15 to 20 minute movie style, time shifted film to recap your entire day featuring the build-up of what it takes to make your special day come alive! This package also comes with a third videographer, 3 to 4 cameras, and includes the groom prep!

These are our new packages here at Mike Picard Motion Pictures, but there are many more offerings and add-ons available! For the second year in a row, by popular demand, we are offering Same Day Edits, which is a mini recap of your day that will be shown at your reception!

Another huge trend in wedding videography is to film a Love Story. The Love Story is filmed weeks in advance of the wedding in a special location with interviews, questions, and a background that tells the story of the couple. This is shown mostly at Rehearsal Dinners or at your Wedding Reception!

Also trending are Wedding Day Recap Thank You’s for your Guests. This unique twist to the normal “Thank you cards” is a bit more exciting, as it is a copy of your Wedding Day Recap on DVD! Space on the DVD case is allotted for a personalized note!

All of the new packaging and offers are, as always, the newest trends in videography. Mike is always on his game when it comes to innovative technology for our camera equipment, editing software and style, as well as new ideas that will make your video that much more special!

Please, when you come in for your first meeting with Mike, ask about all of the new things we have going on here! He has plenty of demos to show you for recaps, love stories, mini movies, etc.! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed 

Talk to you soon!

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