A Red Lion Inn winter wedding!

Sarah & Hector - January 19, 2013

First let me start off by saying, I love love love weddings in January! There is just something about a winter wedding that screams romantic to me, and our first wedding of the year was exactly that. Sarah and Hector are a great couple, and from the first time we met, I could see their connection from the start! They decided to have their wedding ceremony and reception at the Red Lion Inn in Massachusettes, which is a rustic hotel with a cozy, romantic feel to it…It was a perfect location for a wedding in January. The Inn had beautiful grounds which were a nice back drop for the formal portraits which were done by Photographer, Jen Osojnicki!

To start the day, I met the bride and her bridesmaids at the Salon de Soleil which was almost like a guest house separate from the Red Lion Inn. This was great because it made for easy transport of equipment since everything from the brides prep, the ceremony, to the reception were all in the same place! The salon was filled with the girls getting hair and makeup done, and of course the bride Sarah, who seemed a bit nervous about the timeline for the day, yet was reassured that the day cannot start without her! As Sarah was getting her hair done, my good friend Jay, from Golden Gate Studios presented her with her wedding bouquet! As always from Golden Gate, the bouquet was beautifully done with white flowers of different sorts, and wrapped and bound in red satin with a lace trim.

Else where, Hector and his groomsmen were getting ready for the big day when he was surprised with a special gift from Sara. A self-written poem, along with a beautiful watch had Hector’s heart filled with love moments before he would see Sarah for their first-look. Many couples decide to do a first-look which is before the ceremony, as it allows time to get formal portraits out of the way, and can allow the bride and groom time to enjoy cocktail hour with the guests! Sarah had a beautiful traditional style wedding dress, with a very un-traditional color…RED, and it looked STUNNING! In fact Hector’s first words when he saw her were “Oh my God! You look amazing!” Sarah did a full turn around so Hector could get a good look at his soon to be wife, and you could tell by the look in his eyes just how beautiful he thought she looked. And she did! The color, along with the lace detail on her dress really gave it the overall classic elegance that fit Sarah’s vibrant and classy personality. Two thumbs up in my book!

As it was time for the ceremony, everything fell into place, candles were lit accompanied by red roses that filled the room, and guests took their seats waiting in anticipation. The aisle was lined in red rose pedals, which set the pathway for Sarah to walk with her father, and at the end of the aisle awaited Hector and Sarah’s brother who the officiated the ceremony. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room as Sarah walked into the room. The couple decided to skip the traditional vows and write their own! Hector vowed to keep the temperature in the house above 69 degrees the way she likes it, and Sarah vowed to get a handle on her British accent (said in the British accent)! I loved that they personalized their vows because it made the ceremony that much more meaningful, and everyone really enjoyed their funny pledges to each other, as well as the honest, loving ones. There was another special moment during the ceremony when Sarah pledged her vows to Hector’s daughter, to walk through life by her side…watching their family come together was truly amazing, and one of the most meaningful ceremonies I have seen in quite some time.

After the ceremony, it was time to get the party started! While, the ceremony space transformed into the reception area, Sarah, Hector, and their guests, enjoyed cocktail hour. Throughout the night were a series of heartfelt speeches from Maid of Honor, Best Man, and two of Hector’s groomsmen. The wonderful stories brought laughter and tears to both families, and set the tone for the evening as everyone danced and reminisced together. Sarah and Hector cut into their delicious red velvet wedding cake, and they even had an ice cream bar come in towards the end of the night!

Overall, this first wedding of the year, like always, makes me remember why I love my job! The day was great, and so were Sarah and Hector…congrats guys!

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