An Eccentric Kirkbrae Winter Wedding

Katie & Stephen – March 9, 2013

Katie and Stephen met in college, and over the years have truly transformed into a power couple! Their love for music which started their bond in band has carried throughout their life together, and very much seemed like a theme to their wedding. Katie’s love for Disney music and Stephen’s love for Star Trek hailed them as this eccentric couple who shared similar interests in the arts which made them such a great match!

When I arrived at the Courtyard Marriot Hotel in Lincoln, to get some footage of the girls getting hair and makeup, I walked into a group that pretty much had their own show choir going on with the dancing and singing of some of Katie’s favorite Disney songs from Mulan to The Lion King! These women were having a celebration of this remarkable day that was about to begin, and they did it with style, staying true to their musical roots. I knew that this day was going to be both enjoyable and entertaining just based on the excitement that filled the room! The party continued as the girls got ready and headed over to the church where they would get into their dresses. A few towns over, Stephen and his groomsmen were getting ready at his parents’ house. The guys looked fancy in their tuxedos, and they helped each other put on cufflinks as well as make sure they were all lint free. Just to make sure Stephen looked perfect, his twin brother licked his hand to fix a piece of Stephen’s hair that was sticking up…now you know that’s love!

The ceremony took place at Pilgrim Lutheran Church in Warwick, and as guests arrived, the girls got their dresses on in a special room. Katie’s dress was decked out with intricate beadwork that gave her a classy, elegant look, and she looked lovely! The ceremony began with the tunes of a steel drum which added some flare to the traditional wedding marches. As Katie walked down the aisle, she looked so beautiful, and Stephen was all smiles as his bride approached. The couple sat next to each other, holding hands, as the pastor of the church delivered a heartfelt homily proving that love and God will guide them in life. During their vows, Katie and Stephen promised to love each other, be themselves, and to embrace each other as a couple, no matter what the future holds. As they pledged their love for one another, sealing their union as husband and wife, their parents and guests had tears in their eyes. It was truly a magical moment for both families!

Moving on to Kirkbrae Country Club, good friend, and photographer Dave Bibeault led the couple on the back lawn where they took their formal portraits. Although there was still snow on the ground from a late winter storm, it provided a pretty backdrop for their pictures. This bridal party enjoyed the formals as they spiced things up a bit with throwing snowballs! The snowballs were all in good fun, and I’m sure it made for some great photo ops. As the couple took photos, their guests enjoyed cocktail hour, and staff at Kirkbrae prepared the reception room by assembling centerpieces, placing menus and favors, and even pouring champagne for the toast. The room looked stunning with the all-white chairs, draped with a purple sash for detail, and the 4 tier wedding cake was tastefully done (no pun intended) with sophisticated detail, flowers cascading along the side, and perched on the top was a monogram of the couple’s initials.

To get the night started, DJ Jason Dawson did a nice job getting everyone excited and pumped for the intros, and with this wedding party, you knew they were just going to let loose and have a good time! Katie and Stephen danced together for the first time as husband and wife, looking into each other’s eyes, singing the words to their special song. As always, speeches were warm hearted and funny, adding to the entertainment for the night, and both families joined together as one for this special occasion. Dancing and singing together closed out the evening with one of my favorite moments where Katie sang “Don’t You Worry Child” by Swedish House Mafia to her friends on the dance floor! The night ended on a high note, and the day turned out to be quite memorable for everyone! Take a look at their Mini-Movie below! Congrats Katie and Stephen!

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