North meets South fairy tail wedding!

April 27, 2013 - Andrew & Barbara

Although this couples initial contact didn't pan out perfectly as Barbara wouldn't give up her phone number, five years later here we are celebrating their amazing relationship and marriage to eachother. First off, I would like to give everyone a little backstory on Barbara and Andrew, because without knowing their history, you wouldn't understand what an incredible pair they are! Both living in Florida at the time, Andrew and Barbara signed up for which is how the couple had their initial contact. As I said earlier, Barbara wouldnt give Andrew her phone number for fear that he may just be too perfect! But a couple of months later, fate brought them back with Andrew deciding to reach out one more time. After her initial hesitation, Barbara agreed to meet Andrew for dinner, and they really hit it off, and although they disagree on how the second date came about, we had history in the making...

After about 4 years of dating, Andrew who is absolutely the "master planner" decided that he was going to propose to Barbara in a very grand gesture sort of way. Documenting his every move through his own video diary, Andrew staged the proposal perfectly by booking the Presidential Suite at the Epic Hotel in Miami, ordering 50 red roses, and renting a piano from Steinway. When they walked into the suite, Barbara thought the roses were complimentary from the hotel (LOL), and also thought the piano was part of the suite! Andrew began to serenade Barbara with some original music on the piano, and at the end of the second song, his lyrics went as such, "...And now has come the time, where I want you to say, you will be my wife..." and at that moment Andrew got down on one knee and proposed to Barbara! The fantastic part is that it was all on video, and you can check it out below in their "Mini Movie."

So that brings us to the wedding...after having spent some time with Andrew and Barbara filming their "Love Story," I already knew this was going to be a great wedding since alot of planning went into their special day. The couple chose to be married at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Warwick, RI, and that is where we arrived to get some footage of Barbara and Andrew getting ready for the big day. When we got to the room, Barbara and her bridesmaids were getting hair and makeup done, and Barbara was writing a little note to Andrew to attach to her gift to him, as he was doing the same for his gift to her. The gifts they chose for eachother were very fitting with their personalities and their fun loving dynamic together...Barbara gave him a large candy jar filled with his favorite Jelly Belly's, and Andrew gave her a huge clock to ensure that she wouldn't be late for the wedding! As the girls continued to get ready I got footage of Barbara's dress which was very elegant, all in lace with capped sleeves, Barbara added pearls as jewelry for a classy touch, and her head piece with diamond detail went perfectly to finish her look. After the couple finished getting ready, we went on the grounds of the Crowne Plaza to do their "first look" and to follow with the formal portraits. Photographer, and friend, Sabrina Scolari did a great job setting up the timeline for the day, and with spring in full bloom we were able to have a lovely backround of trees and colorful flowers for their portraits! After formals, everyone began to arrive for the ceremony which was set up inside, and guests sat in the beautifully lined chiavary chairs, awaiting for the couple to be wed under the Chuppa (traditional for Jewish ceremonies) which was draped in flowing fabric and lined with mountains of white, blush, and soft pink roses. Great job by Stoneblossom who provided the couple with their flowers for the day, they really were stunning!

Just before the ceremony, the couple signed a Katuba which is traditional for the Jewish religion, which is the actual document confirming their marrige. Moments later, to the tune of a piano player, the ceremony began, and Barbara was walked down the aisle by her mother. The Rabbi offered a sweet sermon giving everyone a little background of how Andrew and Barbara met, which really brought to life the "modern" fairytale romance of Andrew and Barbara. After pledging their vows to one another, and the breaking of the glass, everyone congratulated the couple who were then pronounced husband and wife! The night moved quickly as guests enjoyed cocktail hour, and then we got the night started with the bride and groom being introduced to a room filled with love by friends and family! Luke's Entertainment took the night by storm with great music and an easy flow through the touching speeches, parent dances, and the cutting of the cake. Everyone enjoyed themselves, whether it was dancing the Hora, or taking pictures, or just celebrating the love Andrew and Barabra have for one another! The day was truly amazing! Congrats! Check out their Mini Movie/Love Story below!

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