The wedding film trend continues to grow !!!

Just got a nice email from one of my lovely brides this morning!

Hi Mike!
We are back from our honeymoon and just wanted to thank you and your crew again for all your hard work! I am more excited to see your video than our pictures…!

This is what makes me love my job! Nowadays, more and more brides are expressing how their wedding video is just as important, if not more important than their photos. Now that we are moving well into the digital age, I have to agree that video is truly taking the wedding industry by storm! Everything from youtube, facebook, instagram, vine, etc., is moving in the direction that plays and captures live video. You absolutely cannot remember your wedding day with the same effectiveness in your photo album as you can when watching your wedding day recap or mini movie! Time and time again, I hear couples over the years tell me that they watch their video every year on their anniversary, and they get to relive the moment just like it was yesterday. Additionally I have had couples whose parents or loved ones have passed away, and by watching their wedding video they reconnect the happy memories they shared together. Just recently, I had a groom contact me to do a recap of their wedding that I filmed 5 years ago! As a surprise to his wife, he wanted to show the recap of their wedding day at a special family dinner celebrating their 5 year anniversary! Not only will the couple get to rekindle that special day, but family and friends will also get to experience those special moments, even the ones who may or may not have been able to attend at the time!

Bottom line…see what all the buzz is about with having your wedding filmed! Come in and book an appointment so you can see our demo…you will not be disappointed!

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