May 19th 2013 Oceancliff wedding Janelle & Jordan

May 19, 2013 - Janelle & Jordan

Janelle and Jordan are the epitome of wedding day rock stars! From the moment we arrived at Oceancliff in Newport, the party was on and the champagne was popping. With Janelle and her bridesmaids getting ready in one room and Jordan getting ready with his groomsmen in another room, we got some really fun prep footage. The girls were relaxed and getting ready in style while sipping on shots of Tequila Rose Strawberry Crème Liqueur and the party was well underway with the guys swigging from flasks filled with good ole’ Dr. McGillicuddy’s! The color theme for the day was blue and white, and the guys were sporting some fashionable blue socks to match the bridesmaid’s dresses. Janelle and Jordan opted to do a “first look” which was done creatively! Jordan sat facing the beautiful ocean view in a big Adirondack chair on the lawn, while Janelle snuck up behind him dressed beautifully in a fitted dress that had pickups in all the right places and her blue sparkly flats which were a big help because Janelle has a few inches on Jordan! We proceeded to take formal portraits, and photographer and friend Jen Neves, is a real pro and did a great job at keeping the timeline and flow of the day going! We got some great steady cam shots of the couple and their bridal party who were really having fun in their neon sunglasses, fedora hats, and umbrellas! All great for photo ops! With the stunning backdrop of the blue ocean truly keeping in tune with the color theme, the formals went off without a hitch! Now it was time for the ceremony!

Officiant Frank Camera led the ceremony as Janelle walked down the rose petal aligned aisle, but not before the adorable flower girl and ring bearer who was sporting the most adorable newsboy cap, paved the way! Janelle and Jordan had a very nice “Love Letter” ceremony which is when the couple is to write each other a love letter that will be placed in a box with a bottle of wine that cannot be opened until their first anniversary. I like when couples do this because it changes it up a little, and gives more meaning to the promise couples are making to one another.

The night continued into cocktail hour while we got some footage of the room that was nicely decorated and their amazing 4 tier cake that was decked out in blue designs that were different for each tier. DJ Frank Baptista did a nice job with intros as Janelle and Jordan entered the room in style with their neon sunglasses that served as a nice prop for guests all night! The couple danced their first dance to Etta James’ “At Last,” ending it off with a final dip and a nice big smooch. The speeches throughout the night were both witty and sentimental which always is the best combo to make family and friends feel welcome in the celebration of the couple. Everyone danced the night away, even Janelle and Jordan, who at one point, I’m pretty sure, were having a dance off together! All in all it was a blast! Congrats to Janelle and Jordan! Check out their recap below!

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