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"Just cried more watching my video then I did on the actual wedding day..I think part of it was seeing my grandmother and seeing how happy she was to be there..I'm so thankful to have had her there with me that day"

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" Chris and I can not thank you enough for the amazing job you did with our wedding video! We can't seem to put it down since we picked it up a couple weeks ago! Yesterday we had our bridal party over for the wedding video showing and there were some tears and laughs. Every time we watch, we want to relive that night! It was great to watch everything from the sentimental parts of the day, to the little details that made the venue look amazing, and to the craziness on the dance floor! Thank you so much again for everything... You were great to work with, you understand exactly what people are looking for and always so professional! I recommend you to anyone and everyone! :)"

"You are worth every penny!! When planning my wedding, many people told me to skip the videographer as it is an added expense and pictures are fine. A few said " don't waste your money, you don't need it." Some people said they watched their video once or twice and it then collected dust on their shelf. The majority of people that did get married and skipped the videographer told me that was their biggest regret! My cousin got married about 8 years ago and hired a videographer. He clearly didn't do his research as his video was awful and had little or no sound. I of course, researched and researched and decided to go with the best as you get what you pay for! You certaintly exceeded our expectations and we can't thank you enough! And for the people that watched their video once or twice, you clearly didn't have Mike Picard as we can't stop watching ours!! Well done! "

"I love Mikes Videography so much, I want to have a party just so I can hire him again! I share my wedding video a lot and get so many compliments. Every time I watch it I am truly amazed by his work and also so happy to have all these memories so real and beautifully captured. Thanks again Mike!"

"Hey Mike, So last night, as soon as we got home, we popped in our DVD and sat back and enjoyed our wedding day all over again. We love our video, your team captured all of the highlights! It was fun to watch our guests arrive at the church, and see the whole ceremony. It was even more fun to watch as we celebrated with our friends and family at our reception! All of the dancing and laughs! There were moments caught in video that Tim and I had forgotten, and it is wonderful to have the speeches and toasts from our family members on video. To say the least, we love our video, and could not be happier. As we said last night, your team was great to work with, and did such an excellent job! Thank you a million times over! Sarah Moran"

"Mike is such an amazing videographer. He did our wedding last April and to this day, I repeatedly watch our wedding video and laugh/smile/cry every single time! He captures the day beautifully and after watching the 5 min recap of the wedding, my husband and I knew right then and there we made the right choice. Just in those 5 minutes we saw the day unfold incredibly. There is no other choice than Mike Picard. You won't regret it!"

"Incredible videographer! He captured every moment, but even more importantly... the editing was amazing. My husband and I have watched the recap video 100 times. Check it out for an awesome example of his work: He also got the recap and full videos out so fast. I would definitely recommend him to all my friends!!"

"Hi Mike!~ I just wanted to write to you and say Thank you! Those two words do not even come close to captioning the pure graditude that Brandon and I have for you both! The Video, the details, the songs you selected, its pure perfection! I cry every time I watch the recap! Im so greatful for have meeting you and being able to work with you! Your talent and attention to detail is incrediable and it was an honor to have you as part of our wedding! we love you dearly! Nikki & Brandon xoxo"

"Once again Mike Picard has made my day! By showing clips from wedding day on the Rhode Show and taking me right back to the best day of my life! Ladies it doesn't get better than Mike when it comes to your wedding day you will be more than happy with the end result& him and his team I'd also out standing to work with."

"AMAZING AWESOME THE BEST!!! My husband and I knew at our first meeting with Mike we wanted him to be our videographer! He has an amazing PASSION for what he does and was so enthusiastic to be part of our wedding day! His team Jocelyn and Allison are also terrific and you get to love them! Mike and his staff showed true professionalism on our wedding when one of their team members was in a major car accident driving from our church and were short help for the rest of the day but we could never have known. He worked even harder and it was beautifully done! We hired Mike for a same day edit which is a recap of the whole wedding played at our reception for our guests. He surprised all our guests with this FABULOUS slideshow and recap they are still all talking about it 6 months later!! I just want to thank Mike for giving us one of our best gifts a video that we have as memory forever of our wedding day !! Thanks MIKE"