Same Day Edits

"Unbelievable job! As always!! You and your team are the most talented!"

"I just watched both of my weddings videos (I typically do like once a month lol!) and it brought tears to my eyes. I am so thankful we had video and that of course thankful it was you. You did such a wonderful job, I can't thank you enough. As I watch the video I can feel the feeling if that makes takes a talented person to be able to capture and showcase that. Everyone always comments about it when they see us. Anyways 😉 just thought I would let you know!"
"Mike Picard, this is clearly another masterpiece in the making! The filming and editing by you Jocelyn Houle, and the rest of your crew at Danielle and Matt's wedding last year resulted in a work of art that we view over and over again. Looking forward to the videos of Kelly and Matt's wedding last month. Thank you for all that you and your entourage do!!!"
"I can't thank you enough for what you did. Corey and I and every single one of our guests can't stop talking about that recap. And I can't wait to see the entire thing !! Your the best mike !! I'm writing a review on wedding now you are seriously the BEST!!! Lol."

"Omg, that was the most amazing wedding video I have ever seen! You look amazing! Congratulations to you both!"

"So awesome for us to at least get a glimpse of your wedding day from Los Angeles! Congrats!"

"That was amazing. Beautiful wedding and beautifully done! Congrats to you both!!"

"Mike you and your team were absolutely amazing to work with yesterday!! I'm sooo happy with the same day edit video... I can't stop watching it!! Thank you guys so much for a beautiful video and an even more amazing team to work with!! I can't wait to see more!!!