Wedding Videography Services

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Wedding Videography
We offer the finest in professional High Def Wedding Films, editing, cinematography and reproduction services.

The Recap
A Recap is a one song long video of your entire wedding day. It will be in a time shifted order rather then a chronological time line like your full film. Sometimes we will sprinkle in natural audio such as a toast or maybe the homily from your ceremony. These one song long recaps have been becoming more and more popular because its a great way to show friends and family a over view of your wedding without having to go through the whole video. Take a peek on our samples page.

The Mini Movie
A “Mini Movie” is a longer version of our ever so popular Wedding Day Recaps. These movies are heavily edited in a fashion that is both exciting and keeps you on the edge of your seat. We edit all of these in a non traditional way, taking bits and pieces of the days events and flowing them throughout the fifteen minute clip. A traditional wedding video is in chronological order with audio matching what it is you are viewing. In a “Mini Movie” we create your final product with an approach to keep the viewers attention making them not want to hit the fast forward button. Take a look on our samples page and see for yourself. Enjoy!!!

“In the past, a wedding video was considered an “extra.” Now, brides and grooms are realizing the essential value of a professional wedding video — an extremely valuable way to capture the emotion of the most important day of their lives.”

Exclusively Videography
Wedding videography is our exclusive line of work — not a sideline or weekend hobby. Our seventeen plus years of experience and steady hand mean there’s no need for rolling tripods.

“Brides and grooms should choose a person who specializes in videography, rather than a company that has taken on video business on the side. Experience is a must!”